See you 2017…

If your 2017 was anything like mine, the year moved at lightening speed and was heavily loaded with projects focused on improving or protecting the lives of those around you.

Here’s my highlights of 2017…

This year it was also especially important to take a stand against racism and discrimination. I invested more time in learning and acknowledging what’s happening on a international and local scale and NPR’s Code Switch became one of my favourite podcasts for exploring how race, ethnicity and culture are shifting. I also participated in my first anti-racism rally together with about 4,000 other awesome people at the Stand up to Racism Vancouver Rally on August 19. I plan to continue to show up to take a stand against racism in 2018.

#BlondesAgainstRacism #standuptoracism

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To keep myself physically and mentally sane, I started SoulCycle to boost by cardio (something I normally run away from) and allowed myself to say no to things (for a change) when I was running low on energy.

I also welcomed Stanley – a giant, floppy, English Mastiff puppy – into my life. His curiosity with how this world works and unbiased love of humanity are always the highlight of my day! And I love running his instagram account (which is now more popular than mine)!

Next year looks to be another year where much passion and vigour will be needed to implement positive change – and I’m excited to take action.

I also recognize what an important role mentors, friends and people who just inspire you to want and be better play in your life and the projects you work on. Thank you Bob, Andrea, Renee, Mohammed, Aaron, Davin, Drew, Adrian and Mark among others!