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A little about me…

I’m tenacious, passionate and not your average blonde. I love to learn new things and I naturally gravitate towards people who like to share their intelligence.I’m pretty technically savvy, I love my gadgets, and according to the urban dictionary I qualify more as a nerd than a geek (I’ll let you google the difference).

I’m a technology addict and a digital native. In particular, I get very excited over public engagement activities, detailed digital media strategies, ingenious mobile solutions and open government initiatives.

I’m also an avid fiction reader and an aspiring writer.

This blog is a reflection of me –  my thoughts on the latest technology and digital strategies, as well as the novels I read, and the prose I write. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

If you are interested in learning more about what I offer as a Digital Strategist, please see my visual resume, or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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